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Vettor Pisani - Eroica / Antieroica

by Leftloft

Vettor Pisani – Eroica / Antieroica is the first and most comprehensive retrospective ever devoted to the artist Vettor Pisani (Bari, 1934–Rome, 2011), one of the most important exponents of artistic research in Italy.
The need of a survey monograph was born to represent the artist and his artwork featured in a twin exhibition at the Teatro Margherita, Bari and at Madre, the Museum of Contemporary Art Donnaregina, Naples.
We designed the book as one object in two, Eroica and Antieroica. Two inverted-covers are enriched by a screen printed jacket that partly reveals the covers behind.
The content is gathered in two main parts, the anthology with critical essays and the exhibition’s catalog itself. Two main colors, the blue “Klein” for the anthology, and the red for the openings have been chosen as the artist’s favorites’ (while specific new texts are in black).
The artist’s poetic inspired the multi-directional text layout we used on both the cover and on the inside pages. Text elements like page numbers, titles, and subtitles are placed differently right-left, left-right, upside-down.
The catalog was curated by Andrea Viliani, Eugenio Viola with the curatorial advisor of Laura Cherubini and published by Electa.
Font used, Nitti by Bold Monday and Stanley by Optimo.

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