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Viani Main Catalogue

by Heine Warnecke Design GmbH

The new viani catalogue is combines clarity with aesthetics: traders and gastronomes arrange their assortments from more than 2,000 delicatessen shown on nearly 300 pages. index cutting and coloured captions allow a fast navigation. complex binding, first-class materials, unusual feel, fine typography and brilliant packshots put the products in the right perspective.

  • Creative Directors Dirk Heine
  • Art Directors Dirk Heine
  • Designers Dirk Heine, Cord Warnecke
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Dirk Heine, Thomas Klawunn
  • Editors A. Viani Importe Gmbh
  • Copywriters A. Viani Importe Gmbh
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