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Vinmonopolet – 100 years of history into the future

by Dinamo Design

This Custom type family is part of the Vinmonopolet’s (VMP) newly designed identity and consists of two styles: Tittel and Ingress. Developed in close collaboration between Dinamo and Ellmer Stefan (The Pyte Foundry) they intend to merge graphic expression with typographic qualities of clarity and readability meeting the demands of Universal Design. The typefaces are dedicatedly drawn to take a leading role in Vinmonopolet’s redesign. As such, they act as a highly recognisable element within the typographic palette in both online and offline media, as well as in-store signage. Together with the newly drawn symbol and logotype (also by Dinamo and The Pyte Foundry) it acts as a binding element in Vinmonopolet’s identity.
Vinmonopolet’s symbol called “Polrosen”, is redrawn based on the original design by Hermann Bongard from 1956.
The typefaces are adapted from the newly drawn logotype, which in turn is based on historical signage used on VMP façades in the 1920ies. By doing so, the typefaces hark back on the heritage of VMP. Visual clues, such as the amount of contrast and the fluidity of shapes, were also taken from Polrosen.
The Vinmonopolet typefaces belong of the elusive genre of “contrasted Grotesques”, combining the straightforwardness of sans-serif with the elegance and dignity of serif typefaces. In response to the core values of VMP, the typefaces incorporate an emotional, inviting appeal yet with a notion of responsibility. This is achieved by contrasting sharply drawn letter details with gracious ovals and soft transitions. In order to evoke a rational and calm expression terminals are cut perpendicular to the stroke direction. Great attention has also been given to the curve tension and rhythmic structure of the typefaces resulting in an overall clean, controlled and sophisticated appearance.

  • Creative Directors Simen Grankel
  • Art Directors Rikke Hatlo, Anna Ducros
  • Designers Ellmer Stefan, The Pyte Foundry
  • Illustrators Rikke Hatlo
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Strategic advisor Tonje Jæger, Alexandre Schou Salbu
  • Project managers June Torp, Marie SkajaaSandgren
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