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Visit Nordfjord identity

by Creuna

Nordfjord is situated between the largest mainland glacier in Europe and Norway’s wildest coast on its western cape, with spectacular mountains and valleys, rolling farmland and a dramatic coast line. Here, you are never far away from great, accessible travel experiences. Nordfjord is Norway at its highest, wildest, deepest and most enjoyable. All in one fjord.
Nordfjord wasn’t a top-of-mind destination in Norway or abroad. The new branding aimed to put Nordfjord on the map, by highlighting its unique qualities and creating a striking visual identity. Nordfjord offers the most compact and complete Norwegian experience, at the heart of the fjord region. A wide range of experiences, close together in a compact and easily accessible area. Nordfjord offers the classic Norwegian experience – hence the slogan: “All in one fjord”. 
Nordfjord is a compact destination with a complete offering, but needs to highlight its peak experiences, i.e. where Nordfjord is truly bigger, higher, longer, and wilder than the rest, for example: the wildest sea in Norway, the highest mountain rising from a fjord, Norway’s toughest uphill race, the biggest mainland glacier in Europe, the world’s biggest Viking ship, and more.
The logo is inspired by the shape of the fjord. The name itself is a symbol. The logo is dynamic, like a journey. Compact, short distances and many high points. The concept is based on a grid system, a spacious typographic expression that also hints at the arms of the fjord, as well as travelling high and low.

  • Creative Directors .
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Marc Ligeti, Stein Øvre
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Olav Nausthaug, Marc Ligeti
  • Project Manager Lisbeth Fasting
  • Strategic Advisor John Aurtande, Nina O Gorman, Arne Hjeltnes
  • Motion and Design Balder Dysthe
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