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Visual Data - La Lettura

by Federica Fragapane

«Visual Data» column is a data visualization weekly published within «La Lettura» the cultural supplement of the Italian newspaper «Corriere Della Sera». Federica Fragapane periodically collaborates with «La Lettura» designing the data visualizations.
The design process is characterized by a constant research for meaningful subjects to be visualized and new visual experimentations. Every visualization is the result of a multistep design process: research of topic and data, data analysis, design of the visual model and visual refinements.
The visualizations deal with subjects that are carefully chosen in order to create meaningful storytelling pieces. The aim of the design process is to engage the readers with interesting contents and visually appealing aesthetics. A custom visual model is designed each time, in a constant balance between aesthetic research and clearness.
Every piece tells a unique story: the contents are presented overlaying multiple layers of information, so as to allow the reader to choose how to explore the visualization and the deepness of the analysis.

The visualizations:
Population density — the visualization shows data on population density for 40 countries.
Stolen Paintings — the visualization shows the thefts of 40 paintings: they are thefts committed since 1900 to today.
Noise pollution — the visualization shows data on noise pollution and hearing loss in 50 different cities.
Animals in Space — the visualization shows 300 space missions in which animals and micro-creatures participated from 1947 to 2019.

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