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13th book fair in Krakow

by Dagmara Berska

My projects theme is promotion of readership through identification and advertisement of 13th Book Fair in Krakow. Subject in my opinion both important and challenging – it concerns not only commercial, but also social aspects. Recent decrease of readership in Poland was the main reason to work on this project.
Project consist of two independent parts. First one is visual identification and promotion of book fair, while second, an interactive fulfillment of fair, is urban game promoting readership.
Visual identification and promotion are characterised by strong integrity, simplicity and innovativeness. These assure that book fair will be easily identified and is highly recognisable. Designed elements include fair logo, business cards, company paper, envelope, fair map, leaflets, posters, bookmarks, bag and door hangers. Some of them deserve more attention.
Logo is made of books showed in isometric projection. This obviously covers main theme but also brings to mind fair space. Logo has many versions, what allows to use it in any conditions. It also is eligible for animation purposes.
Promotional posters cover different literature genres. They are made of various constructions built of elements of logotype. Leaflets, exacly like posters, have unique shape allowing them to make illusion of books placed on a bookshelf. Their innovative form allows them to be recognized easly.
The idea of urban game came into life becouse of belief that book fair alone won?t guarantee effective promotion of readership. There was need for innovative conception and action. As projects main target is young people, the choice of this formula seems obvious. The game itself is a playable product covering popular fiction books set in Krakow, where book fair takes place. It has fully designed plot, rules and all necessary requisites (as in-game money, letters, badges, posters, leaflets, etc.). Obviously, the game has its own promotion – posters and a web page.

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  • Designers Dagmara Berska
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