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Visual identification system for Netia.


Netia SA The visual identification system for Netia

Our task was to create a new logo and identity system for telecommunication company Netia, which already had a very outdated and typically “telecom” identifications.

Our approach
Before we started work we tried to understand what telecommunications is today, and we realized that this is the fastest growing, changing and most unpredictable industry. Looking at social networks, Wikipedia, we can see that a great strength lies in a single person, a single cell. Then we realized that the logo and the whole system has to be like this. We wanted to create a visual form of the Internet, telecommunications – the invisible and not palpable.

And so came the idea of the dots, which reflect the “atoms / molecules of the Internet”. Collection of individual points that can create anything – a system that is ever alive, adventurous and open. This collection is also a visualization of the most important aspect in communication today – social network. The dots are very colorful and that builds a positive, joyful message which (especially during the long gray, Polish winter) is essential in communication. With this tool, we can more easily talk about the internet and show it. We also reach out to customers in very different and unexpected ways using Total Branding.
Therefore there is no logo in the traditional sense. There is no solid signet ring, a fixed form. It is a variable set of dots, which communicates creativity and lively character of Netia. The second part of the logo is the logo, which balances the dot message with its seriousness and technical form. It inspires confidence.

The new system has met customers and our expectations. Everyone loved it, especially the existing and new customers of Netia.

  • Creative Directors Michal Lojewski
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Mariusz Lewczyk, Tomasz Kuczma, Marcin Kuczynski
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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