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Viva Con Aqua Goldeimer Toilet Paper

by Delikatessen Agentur für Marken & Design GmbH

Viva con Agua (VcA) is a network of people and organizations committed to establish access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation for all humans worldwide. Creative and joyful activities raise awareness for the global issues WATER, SANITATION and HYGIENE (short WASH) and simultaneously raise funds for water projects of the Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (one of the biggest private aid organisations in Germany). Delikatessen supports VcA in every brand related issue. In the past we designed the VcA CI, the mineral water bottle range being sold in regional and partly national distribution and fueling the VcA projects. 2015 we codeveloped & designed the newest social business product of VcA – The Golden Bucket Toilet Paper. For the international movement of Viva con Agua this is the second of three project components in terms of social business product portfolio. It’s a logical step to make people in Germany attentive for the fact that the global sanitation situation still has a great need for improvement and VcA works not least with this new product for it. 20 Euro Cent of the price of every single package will be donated to Welthungerhilfe sanitation projects. Please note that the German toilet paper market is almost completely dominated be price driven private brands which keep 85% of the market sales. Viva con Agua Golden Bucket Toilet Paper is an absolutely unique product which has no competitors and opens a completely new category of social business driven products in that market segment. The overall appearance of the packaging design is also breaking with every known standard in the category of toilet paper. 
The package prominently shows an illustrated character (Rebelzer freak) that is a visual icon in the inner-city district Hamburg St. Pauli, where VcA is deeply rooted and which is very well know all over Germany and Europe. It is clearly visible and stands up as a face in the crowd. The socially important and rather complex message is stated on the pack addressing the informative and interested target group. Also on the toilet paper itself brand and aim related phrases are being quoted by the freak character. This is also important for the b2b business as VcA has a solid distribution and a well working network inside the gastro business in major German cities. It makes sure that the VcA Toilet Paper remains recognizable as such even as a single roll.

  • Creative Directors Robert Neumann
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Trudi Steinbuss
  • Illustrators Rebelzer
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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