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Vlemmata (Gazes)

by Kimon Ladonikolas

The inspiration for the book “ΒΛΕΜΜΑΤΑ” (GAZES) came from photographs of an in-house fashion exhibition, organized in the 60s, by the Greek boutique Afroditi, featuring the well-known Dior model Efi Mela.

The models have been cut out, bringing to the centre of attention the audience in the background. The genuine smiles, smirks, judgmental looks as well as looks of approval and appreciation are captured by the lense.

Not considering themselves the focus of the photographer, the audience did not feel the need to compose themselves in a certain way. In a modern world of social media, where projecting a certain image of oneself through pictures has become the norm, the expressions here are spontaneous and fascinating.

An image of a model is hidden within the pages of the French folds and her expression comes in juxtaposition to those of the audience, as she is consciously posing for the lense. The French fold technique is also used to hide the Japanese style stitching of the book as well as provide a hidden space for images of the boutique, in the same way as in high fashion garments the sewing is invisible.

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