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Voltaire - Candide - l'édition enrichie


Voltaire – Candide
Presented by Orange and the National Library of France
Discover the augmented version of Voltaire’s classic novel
Orange, la Bibliothèque Nationale de France and the Voltaire Foundation gives you the chance to (re)discover one of our major literary classics: Voltaire’s Candide. The app innovatively redefines the scope of a literature masterpiece to help rediscover this important milestone in French heritage, in a new, engaging ways. The enhanced e-book includes the original Voltaire manuscript preserved at the BnF and further exclusive content.
The app is separated in three parts:
1) The Book: plain text synchronized with a zoomable facsimile of the original manuscript kept at the BnF.  An audio version read by major french actor Denis Podalydès. One tap access to all definitions, variations, critical edition, character studies, places and concept, illustrations of the 1st edition (18th c.) and the Paul Klee illustrations of the 20th c. edition.
2) The World: Candide’s journey is tracked on a interactive map. At each steps, the reader gain access to an in-depth study on topics such as ”Women in the 18th century”, ”Eldorado”, ”Cultivate your garden” and ”the image of the other” with video comments, exclusive illustrations and selected anthological texts.
3) The Garden: the educational place. Everything in the app can be marked as favorites (images, text, video, sound, etc.). Using these fragments as a starting point, a student can write an essay about it and share it in the garden. Theses contributions are symbolized in the garden by trees, which grow as the reader enrich them. 
The app is completed with a website in which all the features of the app are also available. Both are synchronized.

  • Creative Directors Laurent Bolli
  • Art Directors Gael Paccard
  • Designers Fabrice Berger
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Bibliothèque Nationale de France
  • Copywriters
  • Developers Stéphane Lecorney, Cyril Bornet
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