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by Verve by Vruchtvlees

Voordekunst (For Art), the online platform for crowdfunding in the field of culture and art, was established five years ago. Every year the platform has grown substantially, in the amount and quantity of donations as well as participating projects. In 2015 Voordekunst became a full-grown, highly successful platform with large ambitions for the future. And this platform needed a unique identity and digital presence that would carry its ripe status. 
Voordekunst approached Verve by Vruchtvlees to design a mature and consistent identity that would translate its intentions seamlessly to its digital channels. Being a digital brand, the identity needed to communicate the core values of the platform; real people creating and supporting culture and art. 

With its new identity, website and digital channel strategy from Verve by Vruchtvlees, Voordekunst set its sights on achieving its donation and participation targets. 

  • Creative Directors Verve by Vruchtvlees
  • Art Directors Verve by Vruchtvlees
  • Designers Verve by Vruchtvlees
  • Illustrators Bobby Pola
  • Photographers Jordi Huisman
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • webdevelopment Digital Natives
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