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Weather chart 2010


We designed a weather chart with an overview of the weather for our location in the Netherlands. CLEVER°FRANKE has namely a special affinity with the weather.

The names CLEVER and FRANKE have been combined with the aid of the degree symbol, since the origin of the design studio, a reference to the astronomer Anders Celsius (C°) and physicist Daniel Fahrenheit (F°). This degree symbol served as the basis for the design of our visual identity: two researchers within the same field, found different approaches and references. Something definitely recognisable in the personalities of the founders of CLEVER°FRANKE.

The weather chart shows the following data per day in 2009:

– The minimum and maximum temperatures

– Sunshine and sun rise and fall

– Wind speed and direction

– Precipitation

– The multi-year averages of all data for the period 2000-2010

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