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Weltformat App

by Milk Interactive


Weltformat is an internationally recognized graphic design festival that takes place every year in Lucerne, Switzerland. For the festival in 2018, eleven exhibitions were held over a one week period throughout the city. In addition, workshops were held with designers, including The Rodina (NL) and Eike König (D).
Ludovic Balland (CH) designed the festival poster. Milk had the priviledge of designing and developing the companion app.
The app serves as a personal guide for the entire exhibition. All points of interest are stored in an integrated map that included exhibition details. Not only did the app dramatically enhance the exhibtions itself but included its very own virtual exhibition, an event that could be enjoyed by anyone.

The app runs on the iPhone (6S, SE or newer) and iPad (5th generation) with iOS 11 or newer. The AR feature was built using Apple’s ARKit.


– AR: The AR feature brings static posters to life by superimposing animated content on them.

– Audio Guide: The “Moving Posters #3” exhibition gives visitors the chance to listen to interviews with poster designers. AR technology delivers the corresponding animated content.

– Mixed Reality Feature: AR technology was used to create the virtual exhibition
“Swiss Style Then”. This could only be experienced at one specific location; a public garden close to the exhibition. Once the festival was over, this exhibition was made available to anyone with the app. 
– Google Map Integration: The integration of Google Maps not only provides navigation features but is heavily customized so as to reinforce our belief in rigorous attention to detail.

– Localization: The entire app supports both German and English.

– Gyro-controlled layout: The menu and title screens are deliberately set in an oversized typeface so that text extends beyond the screen edges. By tilting the device to the right or left, textual elements respond accordingly.


We took a sensitive and rigorous approach when developing the visual elements and user experience.
The visual identity of the app is derived from the festival’s corporate identity and was developed by our design team in close collaboration with the festival’s graphic designers.
Two typefaces were used (Ginto Nord by Dinamo and GT Super Text by Grilli Type) and both were extended and optimized in cooperation with the associated type foundries, specifically for the app.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Johannes Wicki
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Stephanie Cuérel, Julia Sumi
  • Copywriters
  • Festival participating designers Please find all names and infos about the exhibitions on https://www.weltformat-festival.ch/en/2018/review/ausstellungen-2018
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