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Weltzeitung 2017

by A+O Visuelle Kommunikation

Newspaper (issue 2017) by pupils of SchlaU-Schule (school for young refugees) in Munich, Germany /// ABOUT THE PROJECT – The idea of publishing a newspaper was self initiated by pupils of SchlaU-Schule in 2015. The name “Weltzeitung” (meaning “World’s Newspaper”) was chosen to underline the variety of countries they are from themselves. All contents are written, drawn and photographed only by pupils. More than 40 pupils contributed personal stories, poems, political texts, paintings, recipes and much more. The outcome is a diverse and fascinating school newspaper, which gave young refugees the opportunity to raise their voice directly and in an authentic way. /// DESIGN PROCESS – As the newspaper is the pupils own project (supported by teachers an me as designer) it was the aim from the very beginning to involve them as much as possible. Consequently I offered two workshops to develop a logo (sketched and colored by hand) and layout basics (paper size, type of paper, fonts, colors and so on) together. This was truly a process of democratic design. I brought along a lot of inspiration and proposals and we come to several decisions together. Afterwards I was asked to turn all the aspects in a proper design and a printable layout finally. Hence my job was to underline and value the pupils’ contents visually. In line with the annual graduation ceremony and summer party the newspaper was then presented and published by proud pupils (and a thankful and happy designer ;) As additional part of the assignment a custom website was created published for the newspaper http://2017.weltzeitung.org /// ABOUT THE CLIENT – SchlaU-Schule is a school for young, mostly unaccompanied refugees in Munich, Germany. It offers more than 300 pupils the chance to gain an officially recognized graduation. It is providing underage refugees a chance for education and integration into society by addressing their most urgent needs, including special language training, teaching of regular school curricula, legal assistance and social pedagogic and psychological support. Moreover pupils are supported in getting an apprenticeship training position afterwards.

  • Creative Directors Sebastian Hoffmann
  • Art Directors
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Pupils of SchlaU-Schule
  • Editors Pupils of SchlaU-Schule supported by their teachers
  • Copywriters Pupils of SchlaU-Schule
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