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Wieczny Kwiecień – Eternal April

by Marcin Markowski

This brochure is a theatrical program and has been prepared specifically for the Polish Theatre in Poznań. It constitutes an artistic frame for a play ”Eternal April” of  Jaroslaw Jakubowski directed by Agnieszka Korytkowiej-Mazur. This program is inspired by a prayer book of the early twentieth century. As in the play, so in the program mixes the sacred with the profane being torn picture of Polish society in the context of cultural and religious.

  • Creative Directors Marcin Markowski
  • Art Directors Marcin Markowski
  • Designers Marcin Markowski
  • Illustrators Marcin Markowski
  • Photographers Emilia Sadowska
  • Editors Anna Maśląkowska
  • Copywriters Anna Maśląkowska
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