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Workaholic Cold Brew

by The Clients LLC

Our goal was to create name, identity and packaging for a line of specialty cold brew coffee produced by Cosmic Latte chain of coffee shops. Most of the cafes are located in business centres, so our core target audience was a bunch of white collar office workers.
Workaholic is an ironic brand that revolves around the painful topic of workaholism. Some see it as a problem, others don’t care, because they more considered about another presentation that should be done in 5 hours, and it’s still 3am.
Packaging was meant to invoke the spirit of workaholism, and we’re not just talking about traditional alcohol bottles and cans. While working on the design we realised that the real workaholic is the one who can’t ever stop. That’s why we’ve created 10 logos instead of one, 10 label designs instead of one, and also a gift box, beer cans, coffee bean bags, coasters, pins, stickers, wrapping paper, flask, badges, posters and Telegram stickerpack. And now we kinda think we need to start from scratch.

  • Creative Directors Aleksandr Bozhko, Ivan Dergachev
  • Art Directors Lidiya Kapysh
  • Designers Anna Pazyuk, Albert Safin, Alexandra Chushkina
  • Illustrators Viktor Khomenko, Alexandra Chushkina
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Aleksandr Bozhko, Ivan Dergachev
  • Motion Alexandra Chushkina
  • 3D Albert Safin
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