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World Heritage Denmark

by Redia

Denmark holds three UNESCO World Heritage sites. The sites are very different both regarding physical expression and period of time they represent. The challenge was to create a digital universe for these very different sites to unfold, and at the same time give the user a historical experience to remember.
We found that the sites has one thing in common – the historical figures and the stories they tell. Therefore the historical figures became the centerpoint and not the physical site itself.
To coin the three different World Heritage sites visually we found inspiration in the fantasy univers, that allows a mixture of different periods of time. This approach also made sense regarding the target group: younger users and families.
The app can be used both on site and off site. On site you can stand face to face with the historical figures through location based augmented reality, and off site you can experience 720 degree augmented panorama views of the three locations and delve into the gallery of the historical figures. Furthermore the sites can be explored through interactive maps, videos and text/images.
Visit the World Heritage website here: http://worldheritageapp.com/eda

  • Creative Directors Mikkel Bech-Petersen
  • Art Directors Janich Thorsager
  • Designers Kenneth Bruun
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Mikkel Bech-Petersen
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Developer Nikolaj Tørring
  • Project manager Kenneth Holm
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