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World of SWISS

by Hinderling Volkart part of Dept

World of SWISS is an interactive brand experience platform that drives awareness and personality for the Swiss Airline brand values. It co-exists with the booking-focused swiss.com website. By scrolling the user flies through the world of SWISS and can explore the beauty of all details which make a Swiss flight pleasant. The journey starts in the alps, where an user can pick a predefined theme route to dive into the clouds and experience an individualized journey. The platform has been realized with HTML5, Canvas and CSS, PHP with Symfony2, to ensure the user has a completely seamless experience with a broad range of productive functionalities. Main value propositions include: Learning more about the fleet above the cloud; Enjoying a flight in the cockpit with the pilot; A live route network showing current positioning and real-time data; Promoting Heritage with background stories about the small extras that make flying Swiss great. The included map also shows information about every destination around the globe with direct links to the booking website swiss.com

  • Creative Directors Michael Hinderling
  • Art Directors Milo Peter, Iwan Negro
  • Designers Iwan Negro
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Kevin Blanc, Lauschsicht AG
  • Programming Backend Michael Bischof
  • Programming Frontend Severin Klaus
  • Director - Script, Camera, Editing Alain Renold, LAUSCHSICHT AG
  • Consulting Claudia Widmann
  • Project Manager Muriel Droz
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