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Write for Afghanistan

by Eagerly Internet

Children’s books for Afghanistan
A better future starts with reading. Children who read can bring a country irreversibly in an upward spiral. Unfortunately in Afghanistan, many books were destroyed by the Taliban. While in Afghan culture there is a rich tradition of storytelling.

The campaign ‘Write for Afghanistan’ by Save the Children wants to publish new books and deliver them to Afghan children. In addition, they are helped by Afghan writers and they can count on the help of enthusiastic Dutch (amateur) writers. The concept for the campaign was developed by Wereldgasten and Eagerly Internet in collaboration with Schrijvenonline.nl, together we gave shape to the campaign website.
The result: original, user-generated content which is widely spread, shared, rated and reviewed online!

Interactive contest
We’ve created a campaign website where novice writers can participate in a creative online competition; to write a story for children. Visitors of the site can read about the purpose of the campaign and can participate immediately by creating a profile and publish a self-written story. Both participants and visitors can judge multiple stories by giving points and reviews.
The winner of the contest is the one that is best judged by the jury. Therefore, it is important that participants share their story and the purpose of the campaign with friends. Social share buttons on the campaign website provide a helping hand. In addition, more people hear about the good work that Save the Children carries out in other countries like Afghanistan.This helps to spread the word about the good work that Save the Children does in countries like Afghanistan.

Responsive webdesign
Tablet, mobile, laptop and desktop: the campaign website Write for Afghanistan is completely responsive. Atmospheric documentary photographs and playful illustrations give the site a warm atmosphere.

Write for Afghanistan in numbers:
337 stories created
7347 reviews of visitors
10488 voters
7219 Facebook-shares

  • Creative Directors Rikus Wegman & Sijmen Terwolde / Wereldgasten
  • Art Directors Sven Dinslage / Eagerly Internet
  • Designers Sven Dinslage / Eagerly Internet
  • Illustrators Hester Naaktgeboren / Buro Brand
  • Photographers Mats Lignell- Elissa Bogos - Stuart Freedman - Jeff Holt - Jean Chung
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Client Tirsa Hofstee / Save the Children
  • Projectmanagement Marnix Marsman / Eagerly Internet
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