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by Fabrique [brands, design and interaction]

Xwashier links personal memories to major events, links the present to the past and links people to locations. Each year, the National Historis Museum makes available approximately 50 important locations or events related to a specific theme, such as ?Land and Water?. Each location has its own unique ?marker?. As well as forming the key to the app, the marker also provides a short story about the location. The videos about the locations contain stories told by the people involved. Once you?ve checked in using the app, you can see who has previously visited the site, add your own story or respond to the story of others. Xwashier is special: with the markers, the app and your mobile phone you have Dutch history in your pocket!

  • Creative Directors Ronnie Besseling
  • Art Directors Matthe Stet
  • Designers Esther Jong
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Vandejong
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