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Yellow City

by Napa Arts & Licensing Agency Oy

The book Yellow City – Illustrated Stories from Helsinki is Napa Illustrations Agency’s contribution to the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 year. A purpose of the book is to promote Napa Agency and the illustrators that the agency is representing. The main target group was Napa agency’s clients and potential clients. Besides this we wanted to approach consumers as well to increase conspicuousness of the Napa Agency. The book was for sale in several book shops in Finland. The book is bilingual (Finnish & English).
In early 2011 Napa’s illustrators were asked to request a text from their favourite author. The text would be paired up with illustrations. The style was free but thematically, the framework was Helsinki. After months of teamwork and fine-tuning, the book Yellow City – Illustrated Stories from Helsinki was ready. The book was published in April 2012.
The book became also as a part of a wide exhibition project. Napa Agency organized several exhibitions and other events based on the book. The exhibition project was part of the official Wold Design Capital Helsinki 2012 program.
The book is designed by graphic designer and illustrator Kasper Strömman. Strömman is one of the Napa Agency’s illustrators and he has designed the agency’s visual identity (logo, catalogues, postcards and other promotional materials ). Strömman was awarded as the Graphic Designer of the Year 2013 by Grafia – Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Kasper Strömman
  • Illustrators Christer Nuutinen, Terhi Ekebom, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Pauliina Mäkelä, Ossi Pirkonen, Elina Minn, Kasper Strömman, Jussi Kaakinen, Jukka Pylväs, Jussi Karjalainen, Anna Virtanen, Ilja Karsikas, Riikka Sormunen, Jenni Tuominen, Jenni Rope, Janne Harju, Kati Rapia
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Project Manager Marjo Granlund
  • Writers Anni Sinnemäki, Tuomas Nevanlinna, Maria Candia, Silja Järventausta, Antti Nylén, Tiina Lehikoinen, Anna Tommola, Antti Tuomainen, Pauliina Haasjoki, Satu Manninen, Juho Nieminen, Emma Puikkonen, Leena Parkkinen, Markku Kaskela, Tomi Kontio, Riikka Ala-Harja, Kaisa Ijäs
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