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Yiayia and friends

by Beetroot Design Group

“Yiayia and friends” is a multi-faceted project that re-imagines and re-introduces traditional notions of life, superior quality food products, culinary objects and epicurean artefacts of yesteryear. At the heart of the design project “Yiayia” (“granny” in Greek) is glorified in a key-storyline as the super-powerful, all-knowing but also a discreet person that she is. Together with her “friends” from both the human and animal kingdom the art of growing, cooking and sharing food together, along with everything that is attached to it, is remembered, re-introduced, and re-imagined for generations to come. This is a story about YIAYIA. A Greek granny together with her animal friends spread the message of family values through food related stories and experiences conceptualised with a fresh perspective and a sense of humour.

Yiayia becomes the hero image of the packaging. A central hero in delightful illustrations full of joy, humor and an appetite for life, telling the company’s own brand story. A tender poem is repeated throughout the brand’s packaging to complement the story and introduce Yiayia. The carefully selected textures and color palette enhance the “tasty” feeling that the project exudes.

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