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Yiayia and friends

by Beetroot Design Group

Ergon, a company promoting Greek culture with a particular emphasis in Greek gastronomy commissioned us to design a line of fine food products, tools and objects and suggest its articles, with a Greek theme and a contemporary feel. Both the articles of the line as well as their design 
We decided to name the line “YIAYIA and friends” were “yiayia” means “granny” in Greek. At the heart of our design is a cheerful and colorful universe of illustrated characters including farm animals and natural elements in which “granny” is the main protagonist. Using those characters we created a series of stories and illustrations that were late used in various digital and analogue applications from promotional graphics to packaging illustrations and from interior graphics such as the mural at Ergon’s new store in London to illustrated stories about the Greek culture and tradition seen from a fresh perspective and a sense of humor. 
The characters are designed using closed, solid-colored shapes in vibrant colors, contrasting with each other and sharing the same “eyes” that is visual element doubling as a “silent logo” across the line. The forms of the characters interlock with each other and their environment, making new ones and suggesting the connection of mankind with nature, agriculture, creation and food.

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