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You matter

by Gusto IDS

You Matter is the digital Manifesto of Accademia del Lusso developed together with Uprising. A project that uses a customized WebGl shader to transform and materialize three characters and the values they bring with them, a short video experience with a noir aftertaste. The power of elegance makes the user breath a dense an intensely tangible air of uniqueness.

You Matter was born as a side project with the precise goal of enhancing the traffic to the corporate website of Accademia del Lusso through an inspiring experience that could both catch the overexposed youth and be trustful for their tutors.
But we also wanted for You Matter to be a stand alone project, giving it the power to make people enjoy a mood, a lifestyle and a sense of fashion that follows the identity of Accademia de Lusso: an interactive way to inform.
The copy gave shape to everything in the middle, from actions to sound design, which completed a noir mood yet very warm and welcoming.

The sharp, futuristic mood was enhanced by a dynamic approach following 1910s artistic poetry representations, with animated texts coming in unexpected orders and building solid shapes. The manifestation of a Manifesto that kicks and breaks the black and white relaxing spell of the project: it is a section screaming for revolution.
Everything is dynamically rotating around a simple concept: things change, evolve, become something else unexpectedly. An idea that encapsulates the meaning of fashion. Design and development were thought to be the most comfortable nest for this concept to grow.

To every action corresponds an interference in the visual an a peculiar sound effect, a movement and an animation.
For this production we have edited an ambient sound for the main Scene and for each character single-scene to highlight the message that different cultures bring with them.
Trying to combine all the available Media to build up an innovative ecosystem, we have realized three micro-clip and we have processed the scenes using PixiJs and WebGl Shaders, we also added a Glitch effect to the final result.
The videos are themselves little boxed experiences of the main values of Accademia del Lusso and You Matter project: three protagonists and characters who become personifications of those values, incarnating them and passing them to the users through their skin, their fluent movements and their expressive eyes.

  • Creative Directors Stefano Caliandro
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Sebastiano Pierotti
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Lorenzo Benedetti
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