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by Bürocratik

How to make an IT Consultancy startup stand out among the over-saturated technology crowd? Oh yes, yet another full throttle “out-of-the-box kind of briefing” that eventually will go too far before the inevitable call to step down rolls in as the branding process begins. Sounds familiar right? Not with these boys&girls! We were lucky that this didn’t happen with Ytech and we ended up with a unique brand, tone of voice, and website. The full package if you know what I’m pinging.

Ytech asked for an unconventional take on their brand to appeal to the younger techie masses. IT all started with the tone of voice. They sure offer the same solutions as thousands of other companies but adopting this mindset set everything on the right path: a funky and fresh identity based on bold typography and outline tags to stand out over the rest of the brand universe. On top of that, we decided on a clear “no, thanks” to stock photos — OK, maybe we did use some run-of-the-mill Linkedin-business-stock-photos but on a very, very small scale — paving the way to the antithesis of business and ending up with a peculiar 3D Zeus surfer that came as a metaphor for the sea of IT Tech companies. Zeus, ride that IT wave, thunder baby!

To complement the experience and make it more personal, we photographed the whole team adopting futuristic personas to mix in some Dune and Star Wars vibes and crafted custom audio design storytelling to reinforce the plot (yeah turn the sound on and get yourself some headphones please, this is not background music but some sweet sound snippets). Hello? Helloooooo? Are you still reading this? [*hang up* sound-fx]

  • Creative Directors Adriano Esteves
  • Art Directors Bruno Amorim, Adriano Esteves, Pedro Lopes
  • Designers Bruno Amorim
  • Illustrators Pedro Lopes
  • Photographers Ivo Tavares
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Ghostwriter
  • Developer Marco Ribeiro
  • Developer Tomé Gravato
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