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Z33, House for Contemporary Art, Design & Education - Oasis of Friction

by studio de Ronners

Finally! Eindelijk! Enfin! On May 21st, Z33, the renewed House of Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture, (re)opened its doors with ‘Vleugel 19’: an extension of the building in order to accommodate, create and present even more inspiring culture in all its forms. 

Z33 is the place where you take time off and explore new paths through art, design or architecture. Z33 wants to make modern culture more accessible for a wider audience who can’t always find their way in museums. To include all ages, Z33 offers an educational programme which helps children to reflect on modern culture by posing playful questions, accompanied with diversified illustrations. 

Brief + concept
Next to the development of the Digital House of Art, Design and Architecture, our studio was commissioned to rebrand the family programme. Z33’s heart beats for talent development and scintillating collaborations, one design requirement was to collaborate with (young) designers, without being limited to one style. Every upcoming exhibition, we ask different upcoming illustrators to create illustrations based on the pieces of the current exhibition. This results in plenty of variety in content and style, while building a strong, recognizable brand identity.

For Z33s rebranded family programme, we work together with different upcoming illustrators to create illustrations based on the artworks of the current exhibition. For this first campaign we joined forces with the talented Tijsje Revalk. We designed an educational flyer for children (or their parents in case they can’t read yet), a treasure map, collectable art stickers, posters and socials. 

At the start of the exhibition, the children are given a bag of goodies. This bag contains a set of stickers and all the equipment necessary to accomplish the educational assignments at different stops in the exhibition, such as an educational flyer with instructions and a treasure map. The set of stickers encourage children to reflect on the artworks. The treasure map is filled with educational assignments and a colouring page. In this way, children can play, experiment, interact and reflect on the artworks in the exhibition. 

With the rebranded family programme for Z33, children are encouraged to become acquainted with the art and discover the pieces in their own way. Furthermore, Z33 stimulates sustainable collaborations, between young upcoming artists, illustrators, researchers and architects, to create a more open, inclusive way of working and to become one of the leading art institutions of Europe. 

  • Creative Directors Arwen Ronner, Matthijs Ronner
  • Art Directors Matthijs Ronner, Lieselot Coenen
  • Designers Lieselot Coenen
  • Illustrators Tijsje Revalk
  • Photographers Selma Gurbuz
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Cathy Paredis
  • Print production sticker Drukkerij Zwart op wit
  • Logo design Geoffrey Brusatto
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