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Zaragoza City Bus Network

by Detalier / Womba estudio

The transport system in Zaragoza (700,000 inhabitants) is not as straightforward as it might seem. There are 43 lines, including 7 that run at night, and one tramway. It doesn’t have an underground system, so all the transport runs at ground level.
The city needs to update the design of its bus route information to make it clearer and up with the times. The same information needs to be adapted to all kinds of media: 1000 bus stop posts of different types and sizes, 400 bus shelters and pocket-size plans and digital formats for the web.
Our main task is to adapt all the information shown on the various media using a modern design that makes it clear, practical and accessible.
· Optimise the information and show it in a way that makes it clear.
· Identify and connect different places in the city.
· Show the information in a suitable way for all kinds of users, residents and tourists.
· Give it a format that makes it accessible to every user.
Plan in ring-road format:
In view of the significant convergence of buses in the centre and the size and shape of the city itself, we have designed a plan that shows the routes in ring-road format. We have simplified the complex shapes of the map of Zaragoza with outline drawings to make it easier to understand and easy to adapt and publish in a small size.
We summarise the variable content shown at the stops as much as we can. We arrange the list of stops in vertical format, showing all the stops, connections with other lines and means of transport used.


  • Creative Directors Javier Lapuerta, Rubén Ariño
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Javier Lapuerta, Rubén Ariño, Laura Coria
  • Illustrators Laura Izquierdo
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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