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Internal Production > 16.3 Self-Initiated Projects

Zero Culture Beverages Co.

by Zero Culture

During the pandemic season, we and our friends from Kollektiv bar decided to make a new brand and technology for a series of in-house take away soft drinks. Standing for sustainability we decided to confront the plastic cups and bottles usage in Russia’s poor trash recycling universe. Our weapon is just the low budget and big ambitions.
And that’s it!
Small batch of different non-alcoholic drinks from natural sparkling lemonade to different take away coffee drinks.
We took glass bottles, printed a large run of blank labels, adding artworks on a $200 thermal label printer. That allowed us to start producing new flavors without new large print runs. It became easy to print any label in-house on demand. The label has also become a canvas for local artists’ self-expression and situational marketing.
We came up with a bottle neck label showing main drink settings (still, sparkling, caffeine level). During the filling and packaging of the drink, we cross out the necessary ones with a marker. As a sustainability brand, we reuse not only the glass bottles but also the labels (up to 8 times). We love our customer “army” — they return 70% of bottles back. After that we wash them in a special disinfectant that does not destroy the print. Then steam and wash bottles in the dishwasher.
The packaging itself is all about clean simplicity and rebellious roughness at the same time. It describes our customers style and feel. To give a pump to the drinks we created fashion looking Zero Culture magazine instead of the usual menu. Blank labels turned out to be branded stickers as a separate art form. Our guests use them to pimp bicycles, laptops, smartphones. It’s all in the spirit of the new brand with low budget and big ambitions.
Anti Plastic Coalition® Zero Culture Nothing Culture ® Human Made ® Cup Fighters ®
from Russia. Watch the video to feel our mood and atmosphere.

  • Creative Directors Nikolai Korolkov, Kirill Ratman
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Kirill Ratman, Nikolai Korolkov, Maria Plotnikova
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Daria Manukhina
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Good boys Nikolai Korolkov, Kirill Ratman
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