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Zeughaus Team Puppet Branding

by Zeughaus Design GmbH

In the past year we have begun communicating our corporate identity through the use of real-life-avatars as flexible deputies of ourselves.
The artist of our puppets is US-based artist Danielle Buerli, who besides her job as illustrator, creates puppets and animation movies. She moulded, painted, and dressed our avatars using a photo of the team as reference.
A photo shoot with Lukas Hämmerle served to visually capture the final result of the project and our new corporate design. In addition to generating the imagery for our collateral, the shoot involved creating portraits of the puppets for use on the website and official press photos.
The back of our business cards are identical displaying a photo of the team. On the front, the monogram of our company’s name shows the pattern of the pullover each member of the team is wearing.
In the interests of enabling communication, our customers are similarly greeted in our written correspondence with a team photo through the window of our envelopes.
This concept allows us to communicate our current activities and personal experiences in a way that is easily accessible, intuitive, and fun. 
We created different writing blocks using the portrait pictures as a give-away for our customers to collect.

  • Creative Directors Julia Gridling
  • Art Directors Klaus Österle
  • Designers Julia Gridling
  • Illustrators Danielle Buerli
  • Photographers Lukas Hämmerle
  • Editors Oliver Ruhm
  • Copywriters Oliver Ruhm
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