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* Join Us In Tallinn for the ED-Festival 2022

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18th June 2022

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Join us in the cosiest of nordic capitals: Tallinn, a modern, sustainable and innovative city known for its relaxed vibe. 


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A European
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We Celebrate Design
We Facilitate Designers
We Promote and Raise Standards
We Properly Honour and Award People
We Create a Directory of Excellence

Since 2007 a group of people, consisting of publishers, journalists, editors and academics, come together on a yearly basis, to gather, evaluate and acknowledge the best examples of communication design in our continent.

It is a very special and unique set up, in the sense that it involves the people who curate similar content on an every day basis. As such it also provides participants with an opportunity to make their worκ visible to a wider audience (through the media that the jury members represent).

The European Design Awards wraps up with a festival in a different city every year, leading up to the awards ceremony. This creates an ideal opportunity for the most creative people of our community to come together, benchmark, be inspired and celebrate.

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