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Athens 2007

9-11 May 2007

at Athens

The inaugural European Design Festival is kicking off at the birthplace of European history.  

Arguably it’s ancient statues and archaeological museums that come to mind whenever one is thinking of Athens. Still, the city’s contemporary creative scene is gaining international attention and acclaim. Design is exciting and hiding around every corner. The greek design community is inviting you to get to know it better.


Why not associates

Speaker: David Ellis Location: UK Website: Case: A Flock of Words A 300 metre typographic walkway. Part of the regeneration of a northern English coastal town. Client: Morecambe City Council Background For nearly two decades, Why Not Associates has been creating innovative work for clients large and small. Our

OPEN! Design&Concepts

Speaker: Stas Zhitsky (or better: Jitzky), Co-owner Location: Moscow, Russia Website: Case: RICH juice Design that works. Range of packages. Short story of creating the brand. Client: Multon company (Russia). Background OPEN! Design&Concepts is a small but pretentious company. They enjoy working in any creative space which includes packaging

Halvor Bodin

Speaker: Halvor Bodin Location: Oslo, Norway Website: Case Black Low – The Punk Movement Was Just Hippies With Short Hair. A banned art exhibition and other transgressions in art spaces. Presentation of collaboration on various projects with artist Bjarne Melgaard 2002–2007. One of the most recent projects to be


Speaker: Yiannis Haralambopoulos Co-founder Location: Thessaloniki, Greece Website: Case: The visual identity of an architectural exhibition An analysis of the process followed to reach the final outcome. Issues concerning the brief, the big scale and the third dimension, the different media, the budget, the collaboration with architects, the co-ordination


Speaker: Manuel Krebs Location: Zurich, Switzerland Website: Case: Money Making In March 2005 the Swiss National Bank (SNB) launched a competition for the design of the new Swiss money. SNB invited 12 design studios (incl. Norm) to compete during six months until October 2005. Norm won the first prize.

Stockholm Design Lab

Speaker: Björn Kusoffsky Creative Director/Founder Location: Stockholm, Sweden Website: Case: SAS Comprehensive identity project. From Aircraft livery to lounges, uniforms and wet wipes. Client: SAS-Scandinavian Airlines Background Stockholm Design Lab has been working on the entire corporate identities of companies and institutions for ten years. Airlines, department stores, museums…

Darek Komorek

Speaker: Mr. Darek Komorek Location: Poland Case: From deconstruction to reconstruction. Letters in my graphic design. Works designed, redesigned and undesigned by Darek Komorek. Client: Different clients; mostly cultural institutions


Speaker: Helena Ichbiah Location: France Website: Case: Condesa df Condesa df is a hotel located in central Mexico city. It is an example of a successful collaboration between an architect-designer, India Mahdavi, and a graphic design team, Ich&Kar. Ich&Kar completely “dived” into this project creating the entire range of

Studio Dumbar

Speaker: Michel de Boer Creative Director Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands Website: Case: Maintaining brand leadership in a dynamic market; the design case of KPN Client: KPN, multi channel company (telecoms, internet, television) Background Studio Dumbar is an established design agency with over twenty years of experience in corporate and

studio FM milano

Speaker: Cristiano Bottino Partner Location: Milan, Italy Website: Case: The shape of the significance Client: MI – Permanent Exposition of the “made in italy” and Italian Design Background Founded in 1996 by Barbara Forni and Sergio Menichelli and joined by Cristiano Bottino in 1999, specializes in graphic design, specifically


Speaker: Heinrich Paravicini Co-founder Location: Hamburg, Germany Website: Case: A retail design project for the 21st. Century Mutabor design, Hamburg – about brand image and brand experience design. A quick introduction of our company. New strategies for Adidas retail – bringing innovation to the consumer. The brief from Adidas

Enric Jardí

Speaker: Enric Jardí Location: Barcelona, Spain Website: Case: Re-designing The Chicago Reader and The Boston Phoenix. The lecture will be about two projects done in the studio of this Barcelona based graphic design company. Enric Jardí will talk about the redesign of two weeklies, The Chicago Reader and The


Speaker: Rasmus Drucker Ibfelt, co-founder & partner Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Website: Case: Speak up! – moving the fashion of culture and proving the culture of fashion. e-Types has been working for Mads Norgaard Copenhagen, an international fashion brand, creating a new brand strategy and visual identity. The main task


Speaker: Jonathan Hubbard Location: London, UK Website: Case: How visual identity and tone of voice have repositioned a serious High Street name. Clients: Barclays Bank Background Interbrand is an international brand consultancy with over thirty years experience and offices in 27 countries. They focus on creating and managing brand


Speaker: Slavimir Stojanovic Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia Website: Case: M’ARS Magazine The project included typography especially developed for this magazine. This magazine was awarded Grand Prix at Slovenian Biennial of Visual Communications. The editor was Spela Mlakar who also edited the book “The Designers Republic from 2D to 3D”. Client: 


Graphic leisure workshops

HP has invited Bruno Sellés, Creative Director and Founder of Vasava to run 2 workshops during the ED-Conference. The workshops will focus on some of the most challenging design issues: Ambigrams, Polioramas and Seamless Patterns. Frustrating designs that can reward you with great satisfaction once solved. Mr. Sellés will present