Speaker: Yiannis Haralambopoulos


Location: Thessaloniki, Greece


Case: The visual identity of an architectural exhibition

An analysis of the process followed to reach the final outcome. Issues concerning the brief, the big scale and the third dimension, the different media, the budget, the collaboration with architects, the co-ordination and management among different countries, feedback and experience. Print, video, motion graphics and web put together to bring out the character and the feeling of each event

Client: Cyprus Architects Association | Thessaloniki Architects Association


Beetroot was founded in 2000, in Thessaloniki, Greece by Liakos Vagelis, Nikou Alexis, and Haralambopoulos Yiannis. Today Beetroot counts 9 employees and is involved with projects of corporate and brand and identity, ad campaigns (print+TV promoting a design based approach), new media, motion graphics, filming and video. Among its awards is the Grand EBGE 2006 in Greece, and a silver finalist in EPICA European creative awards 2004