Speaker: Manuel Krebs

Location: Zurich, Switzerland


Case: Money Making

In March 2005 the Swiss National Bank (SNB) launched a competition for the design of the new Swiss money. SNB invited 12 design studios (incl. Norm) to compete during six months until October 2005. Norm won the first prize.

In the next phase SNB invited the top three studios for a second competition. This included further development of the whole series of banknotes (10–1000) and printing of one of the notes (50). The second competition lasted from January 2006 until January 2007.

The presentation will be about those 2 years of the project.


Co-founded by Dimitri Bruni and Manuel Krebs, NORM is a Zurich-based graphics team which has defined and now executes an iconoclastic, but intellectually rigorous approach to typography and imagery both for experimental work and commercial projects such as the typography for Cologne Airport.