Halvor Bodin

Speaker: Halvor Bodin

Location: Oslo, Norway

Website: www.superlow.com


Black Low – The Punk Movement Was Just Hippies With Short Hair. A banned art exhibition and other transgressions in art spaces.

Presentation of collaboration on various projects with artist Bjarne Melgaard 2002–2007. One of the most recent projects to be presented will be an Extreme Metal kash® Visa credit card.

Client: Contemporary artist Bjarne Melgaard


Halvor Bodin is a Norwegian independent graphic designer and visual artist. He runs the practice Superlow, in the studio Oslo Collective. Bodin is known for working with everything from Black Metal bands such as Satyricon/Darkthrone via corporate identities to church altar pieces, without any irony or disrespect. He writes regularily for the Norwegian design magazine Snitt.

He is one of the most highly awarded graphic designers in Norway the last decade. The artist book Hallo Maybe was awarded Book of the Year 2006 by the Norwegian National Library/Grafill.

International work includes opening titles for the feature film Prozac Nation, idents for ChannelOne News, credit cards for IKANO Group (IKEAs sister company), artworks for the Swiss security systems manifacturer Kaba Ltd, fonts for FUSE 17 (under the project name Function), artist book for Nick Relph and Oliver Payne, selected designer for W139 Gallery in Amsterdam 2005, the award-winning Norwegian Adbusters Magazine, album covers for Anja Garbarek (with Alexei Tylevich), Earth/Kurt Cobain, Apoptygma Berzerk and Turbonegro.