Speaker: Helena Ichbiah

Location: France

Website: www.ichetkar.com

Case: Condesa df

Condesa df is a hotel located in central Mexico city. It is an example of a successful collaboration between an architect-designer, India Mahdavi, and a graphic design team, Ich&Kar. Ich&Kar completely “dived” into this project creating the entire range of tools of communication: from letterings of doors and match boxes, up to the internet site.

Client: Condesa df


Ich&Kar (or Ichetkar) like to define themselves as image designers. The range of their activities is quite exceptional, from film-making to photography and graphic composition.

They complete with one another in terms of imagination and graphic ideas. If asked to describe the unifying thread in their work for fashion, advertising and music sectors, one might say they create “new worlds”.