Speaker: Rasmus Drucker Ibfelt, co-founder & partner

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Website: www.e-types.com

Case: Speak up! – moving the fashion of culture and proving the culture of fashion.

e-Types has been working for Mads Norgaard Copenhagen, an international fashion brand, creating a new brand strategy and visual identity. The main task was moving the Mads Nørgaard beyond fashion and towards culture – creating a strong and unique brand steeped in Nørgaards cultural heritage. In a similar vein, The Royal Theatre chose e-types to help them create a new corporate identity, creating a brand which could attract a new and younger audience while keeping its core audience and heritage intact.

The two cases are presented to show how e-Types, by using elements from the world of culture, are trying to create more meaningful brands. Firstly, a fashion brand which positions itself differently from its main competitors through a genuine link to its customers cultural context. Secondly, a cultural approach that has helped to create relevant and modern universe for the Royal Theatre, updating its relevancy to attract a new target group while linking between the past and the present.

Client: The Royal Danish Theatre and Mads Norgaard Copenhagen


e-Types is a strategic design agency. Their core competency is to unearth the main values and the key idea in a brand or company and to express it visually.

e-Types has worked with graphic design, brand strategy and image campaigns for Georg Jensen, Jordan Dental, The Danish Police, Carlsberg Jacobsen, Aquascutum London, The Confederation of Danish Industries, Mads Norgaard Copenhagen, The Royal Danish Theatre, The Danish Film Institute and Hotel Fox amongst many others

e-Types was founded in 1997 and currently employs 25 people. They have three main competencies: Brand Strategy, Graphic Design and Image Campaigns for fashion and luxury brands.

Their approach to design is characterized by a solid belief in integrating the graphic/visual into a strategic perspective – crafting the design into a framework that is capable of conveying the brand’s essence along with a style and atmosphere that supports and promotes the brand’s identity and positioning. By employing professionals from a variety of disciplines, their graphic designers, architects, fashion designers and strategists are able to approach a project from different angles, drawing upon the teams combined experience and competency. In the end, it’s not difficult to make something that looks good – the challenge is to find that one strong idea that can carry a visual identity forward.