Speaker: Letizia Abbate

Location: Milano, Italy

Website: www.46xy.it

Case: Domus vs Abitare. Make a design magazine

Domus and Abitare are two historical design magazines, famous all around the world. We had the chance to project both of them and to follow their art direction. With our case we want compare the two experiences and explain how, in our opinion, is possible to project a design magazine today, working on the shape, on the typography and on the graphics but, most of all, on the concept of “multiverse” medium. That is the non-neutrality of the container, until the extreme of designing an issue without word.

Clients: Editoriale Domus, Abitare Segesta/RCS


46xy was founded in 1996 and bases its skills on the twenty-years experience of the partners. It develops visual communication projects with a work area connected to the different necessities of companies and institutions.

46xy’s services and activities consist in three specific and interconnected areas: designing, consulting and strategy, in accordance with an integrated approach and with the convergence of the different skills present in the company; all this with flexibility and familiarity in/with cultural, technical, managerial and communication problems.

46xy’s activities are various: art direction, advertising, corporate and brand image, exhibit design, editorial design.