Design Walk Saturday AB

A Design Walk is a guided tour to local design agencies who have taken upon them to welcome you into their offices, answer your questions and showcase some of their work. This is a chance to meet great designers eye-to-eye on their home ground and a perfect way for international guests to experience the Vilnius design scene. Each stop lasts for about 30 minutes. This walk visits four design agencies in an old factory.

Please note that this is the only Design Walk that does NOT start from VDA (Vilnius Design Academy).

Saturday May 14th

  • 13:00 Gather at the Hotel of Things at T.Sevcenkos str. 16A. about 2 km from VDA. Read this comment about taxis in Vilnius.
  • 13:15 Walk to Agency 1
  • 13:30 Visit Agency 1
  • 14:00 Walk to Agency 2
  • 14:15 Visit Agency 2
  • 14:45 Walk to Agency 3
  • 15:00 Visit Agency 3
  • 15:30 Walk to Agency 4
  • 15:45 Visit Agency 4
  • 16:15 Either walk back to the old town (2 km) with the design guide or ask the agency to order a taxi for you back to your hotel (this taxi fare is not included in the Design Walk fee)

There will be four groups of 15 participants, visiting the four agencies below in different order:

Pet Punk

PetPunk is a collaboration of two artists located in Vilnius (Lithuania): Andrius Kirvela & Gediminas Šiaulys. Joined July 2005, they work on various projects across video, print and interactive media.
Worked with brands like: Sprite, MTV, Vodafone, Nike, McDonald‘s, Computer Arts, Cultures France.

Contact person: Justina

Address: Svitrigailos 16, 2nd floor, building 1

Motion Group

Contact person: Jurga Radziuviene +370 698 31374

Address: T.Sevcenkos str. 16A (same as the Hotel of Things)


Contact person: Giedrius Laurusas +370698 20406

Address:  Švitrigailos Street 11A-3A

Not perfect
Not Perfect | Y&R is one of the most influential advertising agencies in the Baltics. Currently it operates two offices: one in Vilnius and one in Riga.
Address: Svitrigailos street 11B
Contact person: Viktoras and Aleksandrs