Speakers: Dimitris Papazoglou & Dimitris Koliadimas

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece


Case: Redesigning “Makedonia” Newspaper

The project took place in Thessaloniki during the four months of May to August 2007. “Makedonia”, one of the most historic Greek newspapers, will be celebrating its 100 years in 2012. Redesigning a newspaper is about redesigning the structure of modern press, not only by terms of form and function, but also by context. This attempt, even though complex and laborious, may be the most fundamental typographical challenge for a typo/graphic designer.

The final outcome depends not only on the systematic methodology that the designer employs, but most importantly on managing the process itself, since interaction with journalists, cooperation with page makers, and training of employees are critical aspects in order to secure the newspaper’s longevity and prosperity.

Client: “Makedonia” Newspaper


“” is a design group that was founded by acclaimed art directors Dimitris Koliadimas and Dimitris Papazoglou in order to engage visual research and systematic methodology into the design process. Founded in Thessaloniki Greece, and with the addition of George Fassas as Studio Manager in 2006, “” has successfully completed a variety of demanding projects, both print and screen, by creating a visual language that enables clients to improve and strengthen their visual identity. It remains until this day the only design studio in Greece that has been awarded twice with the “Grand EBGE”, Greece’s top National Award for Design and Illustration.