Details for winners

This page is to give the winners of the ED-Awards 2009 some more details about the show.

When to arrive

The reception opens 19:00 and the show starts 20:00. It is not a good idea to arrive 20:10 and expect a mingle before the show starts, not to arrive 19:55 without tickets and expect the reception to find your booked tickets in 2 minutes. The party will be after the show.

Dress code

Smart casual


This year the awards ceremony will take place in a cinema theater with lots of leg room where it is quite easy to get up on stage (without asking all others on your row to stand up). It is therefor not necessary to have numbered seats. You may sit wherever you like.

When will you get up

The show will follow the same order as the categories are listed on this page, starting with Brand logo and finishing with Miscellaneous printed. Category “08. Brochure & Product Catalogue” has been split in two “Brochure” and “Product Catalogue”. At the end of the ceremony, the Jury Prize and the Hall of Fame winners are going to be announced. At the start of each new category our hostess will call your company names and we will show a list of the winning companies on the screen in alphabetical order. Please get up on stage and wait until it’s your turn to receive your prize.

What will happen on stage

When all winners of a category have reached the stage, the person who hands out the prizes will start with the silvers and ask one company at the time to step forward to receive their prize. As you are asked to step forward to receive your diploma (and for gold winners a trophy as well), a 15 second slide show with pictures from your winning design is being projected. This is followed by a card with all the credits you have provided. Please stay on the stage until all winners in your category have received their prizes. After the group photo is taken, you will be able to walk back to your seat.

How many can get up on stage

There is no limit. If you bring the whole team of 30 people who worked on the project, all 30 are most welcome up on stage.

Trophy & diplomas

All gold winners will receive one trophy and a diploma in two copies. All silver winners will receive a diploma in two copies. The idea is of course so that you may give one diploma to your client. If there is any typo in your diploma, just tell us and we will correct it and send you new ones. The trophy and the two copies of the diploma are free of charge.


As soon as you register you will receive a voucher, which you can exchange at the reception, directly after the Award ceremony for a complementary catalogue.

Food & drinks

Since the show starts at 20:00 and is followed by the winners party, you are strongly advised to have dinner before you arrive at the venue.


Efforts are going to be made to keep the ceremony at a two hour duration. During this time there are not going to be any breaks.

What if I can’t make it?

Then you have a few options:

A. If you know someone who will be at the ceremony you simply ask that person to receive the trophy/diploma on stage in your name and bring it to you when they go home. This is also possible for the free catalogue.

B. Please let us know if you can’t make it to the ceremony. Your diploma/trophy will be sent to you via post. It would also be a good idea if you could send a short video accepting the award, to somehow “fill the gap” of your absence. Such a video should be sent to us latest May 12th via FTP or mail (resolution 1024 x 768 pixels, max 20 seconds, in any format that can be used in a KeyNote presentation).

Free ceremony tickets

The rule is 1 free ceremony ticket (including the party) per winning company, not per award or per person in the team.

Bronze winner

The reason why bronze winners will receive their diplomas in the reception or via post (and not on stage) is because the show would otherwise last more than 4 hours.