Speaker: Tirso Francés

Time & date: Friday May 28th, 15:00-16:00

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands


Tirso Francés is co-founder and co-creative director of Dietwee.

Dietwee (Dutch for Thosetwo and pronounced Deetway) is the largest small design agency or the smallest large design agency in the Netherlands, it’s hard to tell. They like it that way, as they aim to work always for very large and very small clients all at the same time, be it commercial, cultural or non profit. However, they aim to be amongst the best in their field. The studio was founded by “thosetwo” in 1988 while they were in their second year of art college in Utrecht, and they still remain the owners and creative directors of the company, which now counts around thirty people.

Originally known for party flyers and award winning annual reports, Dietwee has developed into a multi-disciplinary design and communications agency producing corporate identities, websites and communication campaigns for large international banks as well as for theatre festivals or NGO’s.

The work of Dietwee is accessible, clear and powerful. Unadorned, but with an eye for detail. Dietwee helps companies and organizations to get noticed by the people that matter to them. They do this by first looking for the unique story behind the brand, together with their clients. Then they start to design and write. Dietwee like to make clear choices and aim to be consistent in message and form, but always with the element of surprise in mind. As designers they feel responsible for the quality of the visual stimuli which they produce, and they try to help their customers in creating real and sustainable communication.

Dietwee believes in communication that is appealing. That excites a warm smile or that evokes real emotion or a deeper thought. The main goal of Dietwee is to reach the customers of their clients. In their heads. And in their hearts.

At the European Design Conference, Tirso Francés will show and talk about the remarkable series of 9 annual reports the company made for private bank Insinger de Beaufort. Each report has won several national and/or international awards, the latest two have each won the European Design Awards in the last two years. As Francés says about the reports; “If you own one, you are unlikely ever to throw it away.”