ED-Award ceremony 2011

The European Design Awards Ceremony (composed of editors from 14 prestigious design magazines) is the crowning event of the entire ED-Festival. This is the time when the best designers from all corners of the continent come together to recognize and to reward the effort and the results that they have achieved during the previous year. With participants from 31 different countries (from Iceland to Cyprus and from Russia to Lichtenstein) and with probably the most qualified jury on this planet (comprised by editors from 14 prestigious design magazines), receiving a distinction in the ED-Awards is a true reason for celebration. And indeed this ceremony is a warm-hearted night of celebration.


Willem Burger Zaal at De Doelen

Kruisstraat 2, Rotterdam


Date & time

Sunday May 30th: 20:00-22:30


Sold via ED web shop.

ED-Awards tickets bought by winners before 30 April are also valid for the formal reception in the City Hall.

All ED-Awards tickets are also valid for the Winner’s party.