Fabrico Próprio Book Launch

Fabrico Próprio means “Own Production”, an expression used by most Portuguese cafés and patisseries in their shop signs, windows and packaging. It is a warrant of freshness and quality, but also of uniqueness and prestige of the baked goods they sell – most of them sweet, one-portion cakes.

“Fabrico Próprio – The Design of Semi-Industrial Confectionery” is a 292-page book dedicated to Portuguese confectionery and its relation to design. An encyclopaedic record of 92 Portuguese daily confectionery cakes, it also includes perspectives from 23 Portuguese and foreign professionals, which can be found along its pages in the form of three essays and several sections.

Photographers, illustrators, architecture and food critics, a chef and an art curator take Portuguese semi-industrial confectionery as a source of inspiration, offering unexpected approaches to this surprising world.

“Fabrico Próprio” is a multidisciplinary project dedicated to Portuguese semi-industrial confectionery and its relation to design, authored by Pedrita (Rita João, Pedro Ferreira) and Frederico Duarte. It is composed of this book, a workshop, the fabricoproprio.net website and a series of launches in Portugal and abroad.


Time & place

Saturday May 17th 17:30-18:30

Södra teatern

Free entry