Forsbergs exhibition

Final exhibition, 15-19 May


Forsberg School of Graphic Design

The school was established in the Autumn of 1993 by Pia Forsberg and Pelle Lindberg. Both have long vocational experience within the industry. The Forsberg School is a 2-year vocational training course in Graphic Design, Advertising, Copywriting, Fashion Design and Motion Graphic Design.

The training gives the students the opportunity to discover their own distinctive character and individual aptitude in an environment which offers freedom with responsibility. Less theory and more practical creation. Students will test different ways of expression and thinking through exciting projects. “Learning by doing.”

Final exhibition

Grand Opening: Thursday 15th May

Open: Friday 16th May, Saturday 17th May, Sunday 18th May and Monday 19th May, 12pm to 6pm.

Graduates of Forsberg have held their final exhibitions at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. The students have also carried out final exhibition projects in Soho, New York. The 2001 exhibition was based on a film project where the students traveled to different destinations around the world, such as Las Vegas, New York, Istanbul, Mexico City and Tokyo. In Stockholm, the students have created exhibitions, besides at the School itself, at the department store NK, at Humlegården Park, at the Hotel Strand and at the Royal Stables. Our ambition is to allow the students to show the creative innovation and free artistic expression that will characterize the industry in the future.


Forsbergs Skola, Skinnarviksringen 6, 117 27 Stockholm.

Metro station (T-bana) Zinkensdamm.