Friday May 28th

09:00-17:00 ED-Conference day 1

Willem Burger Zaal, De Doelen

10:00 Opening performance by Studio Dumbar

10:30 Fantasy Interactive

11:30 Bauer – concept & design

12:30 Lunch + exhibition Viral communication

13:30 MnP

14:30 Coffee + exhibition Viral communication

15:00 Reza Abedani

16:00-17:00 Dietwee

17:15-20:30 Design Walk Rotterdam South

to Boompjes, Studio Dumbar, Strange Attractors & MVRDV

starting in De Doelen

17:15-20:30 Design Walk Rotterdam West

to Boompjes, 75B, Koehorst in ‘t Veld and ping-pong Design

starting in De Doelen

17:15-20:30 Design Walk WdKA

to Boompjes, Karel Doormanhof, BLAAK 10

starting in De Doelen

17:15-20:30 Design Walk RDM Campus

starting in De Doelen

08:30-17:00 Ideas from Rotterdam

Exhibition in the City Hall

09:00-17:30 Bigger than Dutch Design

Exhibition in Willem Burger Expo Hall at De Doelen

12:00-18:00 KesselsKramer

Exhibition at VIVID Gallery

13:00-21:00 Academy’s gallery

3 exhibitions at BLAAK 10

17:30-18:00 A new flag for Europe

Open air exhibition at Boompjes flag museum

18:00 – 22:00 BAR CAMP on digital design

Work-shop at De Doelen

22:00 – late: Design Pub

at Elit (the pub opens 17:00)