Speaker: Richard van der Laken

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Websites: www.volkskrant.nl/gorilla, www.designpolitie.nl

Case: De Volkskrant

Since october 2006 De designpolitie maintain a visual column on the front page of De Volkskrant, one of Hollands main newspapers. Together with Lesley Moore and Herman van Bostelen they are the collective ‘Gorilla’. In words and images they react on the news of the day.

They say:”For us this is a great opportunity to ventilate our views on politics, the environment and all those subjects you worry about, but don’t know what to do with”.

Gorilla is awarded with an the ED-Award Jury Prize , an ADCN lamp, a Dutch Design Award and a Reddot Design award in 2007.

Client: De Volkskrant, one of Hollands main newspapers


De Designpolitie is a graphic design agency, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. De Designpolitie belongs to the “Dutch design” family. Its members were brought up in the Dutch design culture and rich tradition of Dutch art, design and tolerance. In keeping with these traditions, De Designpolitie follows simple but ruthless methods. Their working process often ends in a stripped image which is a critical but always communicative solution.

De Designpolitie works for various small and big clients in the non-profit and commercial sectors. De Designpolitie also initiates exhibitions, festivals, books, lectures and workshops. De Designpolitie consists of a small group of ambitious and talented creatives and was founded by Richard van der Laken and Pepijn Zurburg.