Speakers: Magnus Voll Mathiassen & Magnus Helgesen

Location: Bergen, Norway


Case: Beast per music

The case: Powerblytt Myths

Product: 12″ vinyl series, compilations

Music Type: Electronic pop music, remixes

Short about the case:

Powerblytt Records is a newly started small Norwegian label for electronic pop music. Grandpeople is involved as art director, with full creative control on every level, except the music. Powerblytt Myths is a music compilation series with various remixes. The design concept is a mix of combining the awkward music compilation aesthetics from the 70/80s with Norwegian fairy tales/myths. The idea is to create a strong visual look based on traditional designs with even older traditions to create a product that is strange, and that gives shelf impact directed to curious persons. It is the “face-on-the-cover” tactic, done differently.

Media: ink illustrations, logo, typography, photography

Client: Powerblytt Records


Magnus Voll Mathiassen, Magnus Helgesen and Christian Strand Bergheim has been working together since they met at art school in 2000. In 2005 they put up the studio Grandpeople.

The studio’s name can to a certain point reflect the approach they have to the material they create: put opposites or dissimilarities together to get a third element.

Hailing from a country associated with a type of Scandinavian modernism that conflicts their perception of true Norwegian culture and mindset, the focus on contrasts and nature occupies much of their work.

Grandpeople work with everything from small local clients to big international brands, often as both illustrators and graphic designers, in the fields of advertising, culture and identity design.