Graphic Thought Facility

Speaker: Andrew Stevens, founder/director

Case: Big client/small client/same client

The name of the Restaurant is Oki-Nami (meaning Big Wave). They created the identity for this restaurant in 1993. It was one of our first ‘big jobs’ in that they were involved in defining an attitude to the whole environment – something they had not had the opportunity to to before.

They do this a lot now, and recently they have been asked to rework the identity for the upcoming relocation of the restaurant. This is quite a small job for them now, but one they still have a strong attachment to. Andy Stevens would like to discuss how they have done things differently, or the same, 15 years later.

Location: London, UK



Graphic Thought Facility is a London-based design consultancy. They create print and digital graphics, products and environments for businesses, arts institutions and other organisations around the world. Their design agenda is simple: to craft effective, creative solutions that address commercial needs. Often innovative and sometimes unconventional, their proposals are always workable, rational and, most importantly, appropriate.