Kokoro & Moi

Speakers: Teemu Suviala, founder

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Website: www.kokoromoi.com


Change of identity, from Syrup Helsinki to Kokoro & Moi.

“Kokoro” is japanese for Heart/Mind, “Moi” french for Me and finnish for Hello/Bye. The name reflects our philosophy in design: when you connect ideas that haven´t been seen together before you can create something unique and new. You have also a pattern for this which is 1+1=3. Usually it´s even more.


The design agency Kokoro & Moi specialises in brand, corporate and product identities, creative direction, art direction, graphic design and consultancy. Their innovative expertise covers both traditional and digital channels. The agency’s large international clientele represents commercial players from multinationals to start-ups, as well as various cultural and public institutions. Amos Anderson Art Museum, Blyk, City of Helsinki, Design Forum Finland, Jaiku, Lycra, New York Magazine, Nokia and Toyota are just a few examples of Kokoro & Moi clients.

Kokoro & Moi is known for innovative approach, passion for excellence and dedication to the success of their clients with whom they have been working on a broad range of projects, from designing identities to orchestrating complex design projects for print, screen, products and environments. The agency believes in originality, innovation and the power of great design in brand strategies.

Kokoro & Moi was founded in 2001 by Teemu Suviala and Antti Hinkula.