Speakers: Hannes Unt & Valter Kaleta

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Website: www.loovvool.com


Restaurant Kaerajaan visual identity.

Flavorsome trends from global cuisines combined with ethnic roots of local kitchen and all that in a well executed gourmet mixture. This is what the modern Estonian cuisine is about. It’s what restaurant Kaerajaan is about. LOOVVOOL was up for the twist when it came to giving it a visual impression.


LOOVVOOL, founded in 2004 by creative director Hannes Unt, is a design and branding agency with premium and high-end market focus. Their core fundamental is a keen eye on creating distinctive brand experiences with high aesthetic value and visual appeal. The name LOOVVOOL is based on an Estonian palindromic worldplay in which loov means “creative” and vool is equivalent to “rush” or “flow”.

LOOVVOOL offers a complete range of creative services from brand strategy development to creation of design applications for all media platforms. Their style could be described as elegant and timeless, with surprising creative corners and edges.

LOOVVOOL has worked with numerous premium clients in the fields of hospitality, catering, finance and real estate. In 2008, LOOVVOOL notched up several Best of the Best Awards, an European Design Award, a Golden Egg, a Red Dot, a World Luxury Award and five Wolda Awards.